Nano Lighting


Reefing newb
Hi all, its been a while. I am looking for suggestions for LED lighting for my 8 gallon nano tank. I'm looking to grow corals and have one fish. Please help, thanks.
For a tank that small you don’t need a ton of power, so some of the budget lights will work great.

Here are a couple cheaper lights that should grow low-medium light coral:

I have used larger nicrew lights in the past, and they do the job at a good price point. 30 watts is really more than you need, but you can always tune it down.

The reefbreeders pico would be great if you want a light from a more well known brand, however it is only 10 watts, so don’t expect to be keeping high light corals.

If you want to go higher end than a kessil a80 would be my top choice for a smaller tank such as yours, or if you were looking for more control an AI prime 16hd has a great app, but it would be way overkill for your tank.