Rwynn Pico Contest Thread

Ok, just a heads up,I may be withdrawing...

Since I only will have the tank at the office I wouldn't really be able to do the things I want with the stock equipment. There wouldn 't be much reason to kill hundreds of bucks on something I'd be wanting to scrap the whole time.

Instead, I am going to rock a 10g SPS tank, a challenge I am looking forward to tackling.Look for my 10g build later this week! Good luck everyone!
Meh I know! BUT I'll put water in a tank on tuesday! And Moose, You can have something to dream about when you upgrade.
ok, time to make this thread a productive one! :D
Post'em up!

Lol, least my thread only took 2 pages. ::) But good news! I got the go ahead from the head office and I'll be ordering my 3g Deco later this month!
Decided to just wait until we buy a house in a few months to do a bigger SPS tank...might as well put some water in the office too. :) Its amazing how quickly my life goes up and down lol