Rwynn Pico Contest Thread

Wewt got my tank in the mail! It was a bit dinged up and scared me. But its setup and empty waiting for Nov 1st and some water!

That picture of the box is how it arrived, OPEN.

Tank has some small scratch marks on the bottom, no biggy...


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I used my camera, so I had to get pretty up close to the paper to get the data, however here it is!

The pic with water was taken 5 minutes later.

The light looks bad in the crappy iphone 3g pic, but I am surprised at its performance, very bright and clean.


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[ame=]YouTube - Mantis Shrimp Smashes Clam Shell[/ame]

MY LFS is ordering me a 1'' in a few weeks. I have weekly feeding time videos planned with a 24/7 live feed.
It is about an inch deep, I am not getting a burrowing variety, I do plan on adding a tunnel system in the near future, but that will take all of 10 minutes to drop in.