New Fluval Spec 5 Nano/Pico Tank


Reefing newb
Hello all, I am wondering what is the best wattage and output to grow corals for a 5 gallon nano/pico tank. I currently have about 7500-15000K LED lighting. What types of corals can I grow with that amount? I am looking to grow a very colorful tank! Any two cents would be helpful.
I would only put some mushrooms in there or a couple of polyps. Remember you have a 5 gallon tank. There is not enough area for anything crazy. I'm sorry for the let down, with a tank this size light will not be the issue.
research some pico tanks through the search function and google. I have seen some pretty cool reef picos with SPS, shrooms, zoa/palys, acans, etc. You will be limited on LPS due to long sweepers and no room in a 5 gallon for coral spacing. Best part of a small tank is you can have some pretty kickass stuff on a budget.