president shoots vice president


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just thought id be the first to fill everyone in. Brandon came over today and got alittle lippy with me so I shot him in the leg. I know what everyone is thinking! And the difference is I accually acted on my feelings. you all know you have invisioned doing the same thing. So before he comes and makes himself sound innocent thats how it happened. And im not sorry! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
As for all the rest of you this is what I deserve :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Does this mean that since he now is unable to run, That we can divide his tank up amongst the rest of us? lol
Well to all i just got back from the hospital.

You should feel guilty, no arguement is worth shooting someone over PERIOD. I put the bullet they dug out of my leg on top of a Magnavore magnet I was going to give you, but due to the severe mental anquish I'm currently suffering I was unable to focus the camera.


I forgive you, but pointing a gun at someone is not a joking matter and accidents happen.

Nice to see though you were more concerned about hopping online and covering your butt, versus calling or going with me to the hospital.

that looks more like a pellet from a pellet gun than the 32 caliber I shot you with. and your just lucky it wasnt the hollow points I had in it before. As for the hospital I couldnt bear hearing your high piched crying any more so you were on your own. I dont think youll double dog dare me again:mrgreen:
Yea you showed me... wish i would have saw this before they asked me if i wanted them to call the cops at the hospital.
ya you should have! Next time it wont be a warning shot.:mrgreen: So You want to get together and shoot again next week?:mrgreen:
Yeh it's for real. I was a witness to the whole thing. I must say I was a little surprised by Bryan's actions. Not to say that I blame him, Brandon was being pretty annoying! Brandon just kept picking at Bryan for some reason. I guess Bryan was in a bad mood and just couldn't take it. He told Brandon to back off and Brandon just thought he was joking. BHAM!! The gun went off - Bryan was pretty cold about the whole thing. I guess if your going to Bryan's house to shoot you had better bring your own gun - so you can defend yourself!! Or just don't be annoying!! :shock:
Ok i would keep going with this, but I don't want anyone to actually think I'm hurt badly.

The real story is Bryans wussy gun deflected off a Rail Road Cross tie somehow and hit me in the leg. It didn't break the skin and there was no hospital visit, however there is a nice bruise.

Everyone should have known things were exagerated, because if he would have only shot me in the leg I would have beat his @$$ so bad he would have been accompanying me to the hospital.

We really do need to get one of those big blow up boxing rings for a meeting this summer, so i can finally shut both David and Bryans mouth for good. HEHE.

Good thing you werent talking like that yesterday or I would have taken davids advice. You realize you just ruined a good prank! we could have kept them going for awhile. I was working on some reanactment pictures that would have been a blast.
As for the wussy gun, If you would have wanted to shoot a real gun, and not screamed like a little school girl when they went off I might have brought out the real guns.
see there brandon, A real man!
Actually we were target shooting with rifles and handguns for a long time till brandon found the shotgun. then it was difficult to target shoot. everytime you got your target sighted in your ears would start ringing and the whole target would be gone. :frustrat:
Speaking of target shooting,,,Do any of yall know of any place to stretch a rifle out? Need to set the scope on my daughters new varmint rifle,and the most I can get here at the house is about 80 or 90 yards.
its gotten alittle chilly and we froze our butts off shooting monday but your more than welcome to come to my house and sight it in. I need to sight in a new scope I got for my 30-30 to. Ive got plenty of room to sight a scope in, normally I shoot at my dads farm right down the road. theres 30 acres there so we shoot skeet. just makes it easier. Ive only got 5 acres so theres not much room for sweeping a skeet.
Might have to take you up on that . Ive got it close ,but i'd like to zero it at 150 yards. ever done any coyote hunting?