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Hello everyone! I'll be building my sump next week and wanted to know what you guys thought of my design. I'd definitely like some feedback as this is a total outside-the-box thing for me to do myself. I want to make sure it's done well, and done right.

Here are a few tidbits that you need to know.

Tank: 75 gallon fish only tank. Will be doing corals in the future, but not until I move (at least a year).

Sump: Has to go in a 20G tall tank. I wanted to do a long tank, but there's no way I could fit it in my stand. I was able to fit the 20 G tall talk under my stand, and it's so tight that I can't even get it out unless I drain my tank and move it away from the wall.
  • Intake: I'd like to make this as small as possible to free up space for the refugium and return section.
  • Refugium: I am not interested in using a deep sand bed here. I would just like to use Chaeto and live rock in this area.
  • Return: I have a Mag 5 that I'll be using. I do have questions on this piece because I don't know if this area should be big or small. I'd like to be able to have enough room to prevent overflow with a power outage, but I also want to make sure it'll be easy to fill up with water if needed. Filling up my tank from the top isn't a hassle or bad, so I'm not sure how important this size of the return really is.
All feedback is greatly appreciated!


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