New in the forum, Heeelllooo! Everyone!


Reefing newb
Hello, names Nate just got a tank a month or two ago. It was a hand me down, just happy to get one. Its a JBJ nano cube 28g, it was given to me with live sand and about half a tank of water and I just needed to fill it the rest of the way up and throw some rocks in it. It only sat for a couple hours (the drive home) with out running. But anyhow its been about a two months and I think I have it rolling pretty smooth so far. Ill post some pics, let me know what you think. I'm new here but not to forums so I'm going to go ahead and start a thread somewhere with nano cubes or maybe here. But I'm going to get some pictures up for everyone to see!


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Hi and welcome. FYI that dotty back is going to eat the other shrimp too you may want to trade him in to your Lfs

Haha yeah I was planning on it soon. Ones really big, He seems to not mess with the big one. But I'm worried for the little one. He was sold to me as a royal gramma. I think i paid 16 bucks for him. Is that a decent price? And what should I expect as credit for him? He's absolutely doubled in like a week and a half. But thank you.
Haha thats what I thought it was. Plus I started feeding them more to make him somewhat full so its not tempted to eat the peppermint shrimp so much. What does a little dottyback like him cost you? I have more and newly updated pics in the tank showroom if you want to see different pics too.