Nashville Frag Swap

its about time you come out of the woodwork mikey. where you been? I called the other day but couldnt get you.
Does the Chattanooga Reefers have a table at the swap .There is a free table for our club if it is spoken for .Is there anyone going to sell.
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Are we still planning on car pooling? I am def planning on going to this but I'd rather just ride/drive with some others going.

I'm going and only james is riding with me so far.... Let me think of a meeting place and i'll post it this weekend but you're more than welcome to ride with us

What are you riding in? Is there room for my friend as well or would that be too cramp? If nothing else I'd like to at least follow you.

I was going to take my corolla for gas reasons, but could also take a jeep liberty...

Yea there should be room for two.

You know anywhere on the west side of town we can meet and leave our cars?

Ok... for those interested in riding/following me here is the plans.

Please PM me if I'm to wait for you with a cell # and i'll respond to you with mine. Lets meet in the parking lot of the Rave theater between Rave and Sears all the way up close to the access road(Moore Road).. I'll be in a white Jeep Liberty.

THe frag swap is at 12:00 central so I will be there at 9:20 EST leaving at 9:30 EST Sharp (you've been warned up front), so that we aren't rushed and have time to stop and get lunch before the swap starts.

Let me know if you have questions.
i'll talk to michael then tonight and we might can just meet you guys all at the at big firework stand on 24 along the way.

I'll let you know tonight.