Coral Frags Purchase


Last Gasp
I live in the south of England (New Forest).
My tank is a mature 11 year old marine coral reef with 12 community fish.
I still enjoy its beauty as much as I did all those years ago.
However, the cost of corals over this last year has increased significantly.
I would like to top up my corals but am reluctant to pay out the large sums being asked.
I would consider purchasing frags from other reliable aquariumists.
Question: What should I be concerned about? Quality of water in supplier's coral bag?
Delivery through post?
What is the going rate for frags?
I would consider swaps with corals from my tank that are doing well.
If you are interested in working with me, please post a response.
Our rates here depend on size, but my LFS sells for $10-40 (£4-20) frags and more for colonies or certain types, eg. brains go for $30-80 (£15-35).

Your prices could be world's different, though.