Nashville Frag Swap


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The Nashville Frag Swap is Jan 20th from 12 - 4 EST.

The tables are 25$ for a full and 15$ for a half. Who all is interested in going? I say we use club money and atleast purchase a table to show our support for them like they did for us even if we only setup a few bags of stuff.

Lets get a head, count who all is going?

Ill be skiiing! Or in the emergency room which ever!


Ill get yall a new one this year, hopefully without a cast, cause this is at the top of a black diamond run! :kruecken:
usually black diamonds don't have someone 150 yards in the background that are at a 10 foot lower elevation.. Good try... tear up those bunny slopes.
A real pic of a true man from the top of the mountain.... no bunny slopes here. Oh yea and no one buys that story about the camera guy... turn around and take a pic of the real slope.

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your not catholic are you? heres the little boy I go with


and this is a picture I took as I was skiing down this dangerous crevas, you can even see the ski tips in the bottom of the picture

that picture looks like it is up hill... have fun on those bunny slopes and what you and your lover do is none of my business....
man brandon I thought everyone already new about us? :mrgreen:
And the reason that last pic looks like it is up hill is because I took it while jumping a 15 ft crevice, that was right before I landed!:shock: and if you were a good skier you would know that you cant ski up hill.:frustrat: by the way you never said who the little boy was?
Still off topic, but where do you ski Bryan?

I went for the first time this holiday, and had a blast. Going back in a few weekends from now. :)
We go to snow shoe west virginia once a year. weve already booked this years but ill let you know next year. however we will go to cataloochi in febuary if you want to go. its nice and only about 3 hrs drive. where did you go? if you went to gatlinburg then you still havent really skied!:mrgreen:
let me know if youd like to go to cataloochi and well try and plan to get together and plan something. we ususally drive up early in the morning and ski all day then drive home. and ive got extra of most equipment so you wouldnt have to rent much
As of now only James and I are riding in my car... so I can either take the corolla or the liberty

So we can ride in my car or we can meet up and follow each other however you guys want to do it... I'm pretty easy going so just let me know.

Where will the swap be at .We know Nashville .Is there any more info than that ? I think our club should set up a table .I guess the vice press will be going early to set up and man this table right .