Hello from the Columbia Gorge

Craig Anderson

Reefing newb
I am a semi-retired man living in The Dalles Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. Its one of the most beautiful places in this country. We have lived in Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas and Florida. My wife preferred Tennessee, but I really like the Columbia Gorge and we came here to retire.
I have built a fish room on the first floor that is primarily setup for fish breeding. I have a brood stock system consisting of 100 gal sump, 30 gal deep sand bed tank, 30 gal frag tank, 4 ea. 20 gal high brood stock tanks, a 135 gal fry grow-out tank,and a remote algae scrubber all running off one pump. I am still completing my larval system, which will have a 50 gal sump and a 10 gal. BRT for larval raising.
I have just started my microalgae grow system and will start rotifers next week. Currently I have 4 pairs of fish for breeding but right now only one pair is laying eggs. I have a pair on Neon Gobies laying eggs, a Pair of Yellow neon gobies, a pair of saddle back clowns and a pair of Ocellaris clowns.
I raised one clutch of clowns in 1998 while living in Tennessee, but then we moved and I got out of the hobby for a while.
I am interested in this forum for several reasons. One I can use advice and help from other breeders and thought some may frequent this forum. Next, if I am successful in raising marine fish I will need a way to move them on to new homes. I intend to "give" them away for my cost. Not trying to make money, but if I donate 25 fry to a club, I would expect the receivers to pay freight. I don't want to sell them through dealers or have to haul them to local fish stores as there aren't any in the Gorge. Lastly, I have been using algae scrubbers since the 1990's and have built several, but the one I have now is nothing like they were early on and I like "SantaMonica's" experience and advice so this site makes sense to me.
They are a lot of work, but...................You don't have to worry about salt on the carpet, water on the floor, drain noise and all sorts of other perks.