Jordan's 120 Build

Jordan updated Jordan's 120 Build

This is the build of 120g Marine Reef Aquarium.
2/26/14 - We have it plumbed and the pumps are running. 102lbs of live rock has been added. Waiting on my lights.
3/3/14 - 29g Quarantine tank is up and running and at temperature. Will likely get the 1st fish in there this week to start a 30-day quarantine.
3/5/14 - DIY ATO installed
3/7/14 - Neptune Apex Controller
3/8/14 - Camera Installed to detect sump overflow
3/10/14 - Reefbreeders 48" Photons installed
3/11/14 - Neptune ALD Installed

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Your tank has changed a bit.
Indeed. It has been a while since I have posted. Since I last posted I have got a new job and have been on the roady 75%+ of the time. Not much time to do much else. I will try to be more a more frequent visitor.