Jordan's 120 Build


Reefing newb
This is the build of 120g Marine Reef Aquarium.
2/26/14 - We have it plumbed and the pumps are running. 102lbs of live rock has been added. Waiting on my lights.
3/3/14 - 29g Quarantine tank is up and running and at temperature. Will likely get the 1st fish in there this week to start a 30-day quarantine.
3/5/14 - DIY ATO installed
3/7/14 - Neptune Apex Controller
3/8/14 - Camera Installed to detect sump overflow
3/10/14 - Reefbreeders 48" Photons installed
3/11/14 - Neptune ALD Installed48" Reefbreeders Photon
Neptune Apex w/ pH, Temp and ALD
1500gph Koralia powerhead
Jebao WP40 powerhead
Reef Octopus NW-110-6520B Skimmer
Reef Octopus BR-110 Biopellet Reactor running BRS biopellets
Mag-Drive 7 for biopellet reactor
BRS CO2 scrubbing reactor
BRS activated carbon reactor running ROX 0.8
Maxijet 600 running AC reactor
BRS GFO reactor running BRS bulk GFO
Maxijet 1200 running GFO reactor
Hydor ATO
Mag-Drive 9 Return


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Jordan updated Jordan's 120

Almost full of water today. Can't fill it all the way up until tomorrow night because I don't have bulkheads/plumbing in yet. LFS owner is coming over to help me plumb it tomorrow. Water is sitting about 2" below the overflow until then. The old LEDs I have on there are just there to get some light going until my 48" reefbreeder LEDs are done with their backorder. LFS thinks he will have it in, in 2 weeks. Have about 52lbs of real reef live rock in a pile and unorganized. Will have another 70lbs or so in there and hopefully looking good in a week or so.

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Just saw the picture with all the live rock in, that looks really awesome. What kind of rock did you use?
Jordan updated Jordan's 120 Build

I got a DIY ATO hooked up using a float valve and not drilling the sump. I have the RO/DI in my basement plumbed in-line with 1" PEX that runs out to my sprinkler system. I have the water pressure as low as I can get it (It is very high pressure to begin with) and it seems to be working perfectly. The float cuts off with no hammering. I think I have about the perfect pressure going. For now, I am in a testing phase so I only have it on while I am present and can observe. I have some ALD modules and probes on the way to hook up to my Apex controller so I can get emailed in the event there is an overflow. After those are installed and if the ATO has no issues all weekend I will be willing to leave it unattended.

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