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Bunch of new stuff tonight.

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nice wrasse...did you buy them at Ocean's paradise?? I just moved to Montana and it sucks because there is one LFS and Petco

neither have anything really so I have to order everything online
Does he swim normally? Does he look "bent" from the top down? How long have you had him? Has he always had it?

I'm leaning towards either old injury or parasite based on your answers.
I believe it is an old injury. I know that in collection a lot fish are darted. On the other side of his body there is an indentation. He swims completely fine. I have had him for 3 weeks or so.
I have been having issues with heat in my tank since there are 7 pumps. With summer coming I am worried about heat. Well, I am finally able to keep a constant temperature. It seems odd, but if I keep the heater on, top off, and Tunze fan blowing I stay at 78.3/78.4. If I turn heater off and leave fan on I will drop to low 77s. If I turn the fan off and leave the heater on I will go into the 80s and higher. Of course I do have an Apex, but there is no outlets left that I will willing to sacrifice to plug the fan in. I will eventually get another powerbar, but for now running them both is working perfectly.