I'm looking to have a 180g built...


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Hey gang, I'm starting to look into a new tank. I want either a 180g with corner overflows and starphire or a 225g same setup. I saw an awesome site but now I can't find it. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.:mrgreen:
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Here,my LFS can order them from Oceanic either custom or standard sizes,starphire.
i have heard conflicting reviews about them, everybody seems to agree on one thing though, there sealant jobs are sloppy. some say they are built like tanks and other have actually had the front panes pull away from the tank. seems hit or miss, but the people who have good luck with them all seem to have one thing in common, smaller tanks. while the people with bad reviews seem to also have one thing in common, massive tanks.
They get mix reviews from local reefers here.They are located in middle Tennessee.

If you choose to go with them.Be clear on exactly what you want,warranty and do some research.