WOW!!! A lot has changed...


Reefing newb
Hello All:
32 years ago I had a 55 gallon saltwater aquarium with dismal results...
After admitting defeat I vowed 'one day' to have a successful tank. I'm getting close to realizing this!
So much has changed in the past 32 years! One of the best things is the information available; I have been on YouTube along with other sites and have started a file on important information.
Live rock/sand, corals, LED's, lighting controls (dawn, sunset, lunar cycles) & other numerous control options are all new to me. Of course the number of aqua farms for fish and inverts is a very positive aspect of our hobby.
Another change is in me... 32 years ago I was impulsive and had very little patience, after getting my nitrogen cycle stable I promptly added several fish without any quarantine! Needless to say, what happened next...
Anyway, I plan on setting up a tank between 75 to 125 gallons, including a quarantine tank. My first step will be setting up a reverse osmosis system, not only for the tank but also for drinking water.
Ideally I would like a reef tank with both inverts and fish.
Was hoping to find a local club (I'm in the Lehigh Valley area of Eastern PA), but doesn't appear to be anything local.
Due to the costs involved and household cash flow I am hoping to have a tank up and running in 12-18 months.
My days of diving are behind me, so being able to enjoy the beautiful creatures I experienced on Palancar Reef will truly be a treat!
Looking forward to being a part of this great group!
Hey Jonathan, welcome aboard :D. Pretty cool that you're coming back to the hobby after all that time - 2nd time lucky :).