ggNoRe's 29g Biocube HQI

They are indeed Marco rocks.. thanks! :mrgreen:

Couldn't help myself when I saw someone selling stuff on a local forum so I got myself a Tyree toadstool and kryptonite candy's today. Also got a frag plug for my poor zoas that are smushed under a rock, wish me luck on the surgery. Will post pics after everything is acclimated and opens up.
Here they are right after I introduced them to the tank prob going to be a while before they open up.

Tyree toadstool:

The candy canes will be happy to eat frozen mysis, brine or other meaty foods. You see those tentacles that are out in your picture? Those are its feeding tentacles and those will usually only come out after the lights have gone out. I turn my lights off, wait a bit, then take a flashlight and squirt some food at their tentacles using a turkey baster. It's really cool to watch them eat right in front of your eyes.
Sounds fun! This is probably a retarded question but how do you get the food in a turkey baster and squirt it out w/o blasting the coral to Anarctica?

Also both me and my wife decided I get waaay to anxious and shake like nuts when trying to mess with my corals so she opted to do the zoa surgery for me. She did a great job! :mrgreen:
You just squirt it out gently... Almost let the food dribble out the end of the turkey baster. Don't squeeze it full blast! Just a gentle squeeze.
OK, got it. And how do you get the food in there? Do you just drop it in while it's out of the tank or suck in a little water with it?
Nice! Thanks! I have been using your acclimating method for my corals and I can not thank you enough!! It is sooo much easier not to mention seems to be more effecient as well.

Now to try my new learned target feeding! :mrgreen:
Great!! I'm glad things are working out for you. If the coral's tentacles are not out, don't bother feeding it. The food will just go to waste. Once they get used to being in your tank, they will start to put the tentacles out at a set time every day if you feed them on a schedule. Corals have brains! :D
Lol you beat me to it. I was just fixing to come back and reply that it would have been much better if I had waited til tmrw when the MH was on and all the corals had their polyps opened but it was still awesome to watch. The galaxea's tentacles flew out longer than the length of the actual coral! And my candy's are already opened and bigger than they were in the tank of the guy who sold them to me! :mrgreen:
Well I woke up today and saw my snails eating Sam for breakfast. This was totally unexpected as he was healthy as could be last night and went a-wall on the chopstix 2 days ago when we had them in the tank.. Have no clue what may have caused his death.


Candy's opened up and looking good:

Same with Tyree:

Zoa's that have been to hell and back (I even accidentally dropped them on the floor once)opening up:

And weird white spots that have been showing up all over the back of my tank recently:

If I had to guess I would say some are snail eggs and some are aiptasia? Any help on ID'ing would be helpfull.

Also, I think I may have damaged one tip of my SPS when placing in its spot (the right side in the pic). Is there anything I can do to help fix it?

Going to do water tests now to see if any of the params may have killed Sam..

Actually now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I know what it was. My mother-in-law came over the other day when I was at work and cleaned the fish tank room. In the process she closed the vent in that room while cleaning it and never opened it back up. The next day I found the tank at 85F. I then made changes to cool the room down and the temp is now 77.5F. So, it probably was the temp swing. :(
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Nice pics,love the neon green candy canes!It does look like egg sack on the glass.They remind me of small nassarius snail eggs but I have no idea what laid them.Consider them food for copepods and the other critters in your tank.
I underestimated how bastardly galaxea's can be. Caught mine stretching out 4 inches against the flow to sting my tyree tonight. I moved the tyree a bit further so it hopefully won't get stung again. Do you think the sting will kill the tyree? Anything I can do to help the situation? Also still looking for tips to help revive my damaged sps. Not able to find anything thru googling.
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Yes, a galaxea sting will kill pretty much anything it touches. You just need to make sure there's nothing within a 6 inch radius or so of the coral.
Hope you dont lose the corals! looking at your candy cane coral, I want to go get one myself, need to look at a few new LFS's though

Great additions :)