ggNoRe's 29g Biocube HQI

Thanks! Too lazy to go to home depot to get screens hoping I can fix things just by doing lots of water changes.
Hey guys and gals! Long time. Hope everyone is doing ok.
Quick update: everything is dead except some mushrooms fish and shrimp. sold me a broke water filter and refused to replace it so for the past 6 months I have been going thru odds and ends trying to get water change water making things worse. On a good note I finally am starting to win the battle against my bubble algae. After buying about 5 emerald crabs I finally found one really aggressive sucker who eats that stuff like a lion with filet mignon.

Also, pick of my son who is a bundle of joy! Walking and talking now. Seems like just yesterday I was on hear announcing I was gunna be a father. :Cheers: