Foxface vs yellow tang

Mimi King

Reefing newb
I have a 55 gal salt water and im new to this. I had some yellow tail damels, 2 clowns, a coral beauty and a yellow tang. Then i introduced a foxface who is larger than any of my others. At first things were ok but now my foxface is distressed and I'm wondering if i made a bad choice. My yellow tang seems to be intruding on the save where the foxface likes to hang and arms to be stressing the fox. Suggestions?
That's easy. Your tank is way overstocked and no Foxface should be in anything less than a 75 gallon (realistically they should be in a 125 as they need a 6 foot swimming length). I have seen foxfaces in 4 foot tanks and they are swimming around non-stop and super stressed (you can tell because they turn darker color and ultimately black when stressed). I would say that a 55 is pushing it for both the coral beauty and a yellow tang as is. Remove the foxface and stick with what you have as that is maxed out for a 55.