One Spot Foxface vs. Yellow Tang???


Reefing newb
I just got done filling my new tank today and was thinking about the fish. I personally have my heart set on a One Spot Foxface, but another person in my family likes the Yellow Tang. I personally like the parternization of the Foxface. I believe that the Foxface is more peaceful than the Yellow Tang and that it might possibly be a better grazer. We don't need two large yellow fish to clog up the bioload of the tank, so there is only room for one. What do you guys think is the best choice?

P.S. Is the One Spot Foxface a better/more active algae grazer than the Yellow Tang. And this will be a peaceful-reef tank.
I once wanted a yellow tang, but now that I have my foxface, I wouldn't trade him for the world! I've found the foxface to be much heartier than a yellow tang (since that family is prone to ich if you sneeze the wrong way). The foxface personality is the best! Mine leaves everyone alone. He's like my big baby :)

As for grazing...I won't lie...mine's not a grazer LOL He's content just waiting for me to put up a piece of algae on his clip. But it's 50/50.
My foxface and yellow tang get along great. They are the biggest social butterflies in the tank. You would just need to use caution when adding those two together if you were going to. I feel like they could get along fine in a 135g.

Yellow tang seems to be more of a grazer.
Did you introduce your tang and foxface at the same time? I thought of getting a yellow tang anyway, but always worried that since they're the same color, they might not get along well.
Don't have a yellow tang, but I do have a one-spot foxface and it is a great fish and very hardy. Mine is a grazer, but is also a pig at chow time too. Eats everything I feed that tank.
I had a yellow tang for about 8 years when I added a foxface to my 90. They got along fine. If I had to choose one over the other... I don't know! I like them both equally!
Gretchen if you're worried about the Foxface playing nice, just tape a mirror to one side of the tank, the foxface will be too interested in its reflection to notice the new tang.

I did this several times when adding tangs to my tank. I had to do it after adding the Achilles whenever I added a new fish - he didn't like anyone added after him
That worked for my stupid Kole tang for a while (the mirror trick). Boy was he obsessed!!!! He was agressive with his reflection, too! but went back to his old mean self after i took it down. My foxface never paid attention to the mirror (but maybe it's because the Kole tang hogged it LOL).
I added my foxface after my tang. So I couldn't tell you how it would be the other way around. Never had any issues though. *knock on wood*
the 4 rabbitfish get along with everything in my tank also!
the 3 of them are the largest swimming fish in the tank
with the bluespot being smaller