Just wanted to give you guys an update...


Reefing newb
I started my venture into Salt in April with help from this forum. Since then Id set up two successful tanks (one at home and one at work). Both look beautiful. My only casualties were a cardinal in the work tank and a damsel in my home tank (anemone got him). In my home tank I have one anemone, 4 corals, one scallop, 3 shrimp, one goby,one starfish, two firefish and two nemos. All are growing fast and seem quite happy. Thanks again for all the advice. I think Im getting the hang of it....and yes...Im still doing a 10% water change every 7-10 days ;).

My work tank (a 55 gallons) has two nemos, one foxface, one damsel, two anemones, one coral, 2 shrimp, 3 firefish and one yellow goby. Its super clean (i change 5% ever 5 days) and everything in it is doing awesome and getting along great.

Thanx again.