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Hello all. So I’m new to posting in forums. So please forgive if I seem like a green-horn.. Here’s the problem @ hand. I took an anemone in on trade for some labor from a LFS owner. Supposed to be a green bubble tip anemone. Which the only thing that was green on the anemone was the tips. The rest is a cream— light pink— to translucent. Depending on its mood or something. But here’s the problem. I only have experience in have one anemone,, and it was years back. A lot of things have changed in the aquarium world in 15 years..... Anyway,, this anemone I have had in the tank for a little over a month. When I brought it home, I temperature acclimated bad for 20 minutes. Then drip acclimated for an hour and a half. The put in an acrylic box in my tank to acclimate it to my lighting. Which is two AI primes. The first couple days I was perplexed @ why it would expand and contract itself. Almost continuously. And the fact that it wouldn’t stand up straight. For the first few days I assumed it was just acclimating itself to new environment. However it continued past a few days. So I called the LFS I got it from for advise. 30 year veteran in the aquarium world. He explained to just keep doing what I’m doing and it will work itself out. Well, after a month and a half,,,, it has not worked itself out. It still lays on its side and is still expanding and contracting frequently.. Anyone out there got some patience left to talk anemone talk???? Thanks kindly in advance!!!


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That looks like the one I bought about a month ago. Mine is cream and white striped and reminds me of a crocea clam. Anyhow, I didn't go to near the trouble you did acclimating it . . . I thought the darn thing was a tumbleweed. It never stayed in one place for any amount of time, but I assumed it would find a spot that it liked. I spent most of my time with a flashlight looking in the caves in my rock work because it kept disappearing. Then I'd go nuts trying to get it out of the various cave so it could get some light. Long story short, the middle of this week, it FINALLY found a spot it liked! I have no idea how it got where it is, but it hasn't moved since it got there. I run metal halides on my aquarium, so I was afraid to try to place it for fear it would burn if I put it too high.

Some days I get home from work, and some of my bubble tips looks like little piles of Silly String. Next day, they are open and look beautiful. I just had one split in half, so I assume they are happy so I'm not going to mess with them. It must be the nature of the beast. Your bubble tip looks really happy in the picture so I wouldn't stress over it. Turn it loose and let it find its place in the aquarium.
Thanks kindly. Tumbleweed is exactly what popped in my mind as well.... Well I turned off pumps the night before last. And it has wedged itself in a crevasse,, with my help. However I woke up this morning and found it in this position....