Blue linkia star fish


Reefing newb
I did some research on them before I got one. I read that you should not let them get exposed to the air when transferring them, and that they needed a good amount of time acclimating also. When I got one from the LFS, I was talking with someone while the other person was getting one out and bagging it up for me. He didn't seem concerned about pulling him out, exposing it to the air and bagging him up. I asked him about what I read and he said to not worry about it.
I took it home and acclimated it and put it in the aquarium. After two weeks it seems to be doing fine. It moves around the aquarium a bit. It did stay in one spot for a few days but I noticed it was moving it's arms around in different spots so I was thinking at least it's still alive. Today it has been moving around the tank and even up the glass to the surface if the water.
I hope it continues to do well. I guess my question is , is it a good sign that it will continue to do well? Does anyone think that it should be dead in two weeks if it was exposed to air like it was? Obviously at this point it's not, or could that experience still be a factor and eventually kill it? My water parameters are good, any suggestions ?
Disclaimer: I've never had a starfish. But from what I've read, they can tolerate enough air to be moved from the tank to bag and vise versa. I think that's more of a hint to people new to stars so they don't stick them on a table and poke them because they're cool and different.
The big thing I've seen about the Blue Link is water quality. It's gotta be pretty consistently pristine. From what I've read at least.

So jealous, I want one of those pretty bad but the wife thinks they're "frinkly looking". Whatever that might mean... :confused:
:notworthy:Well I did more research last night about them. I probably should not have gotten one at all. My tank has only been established for 6 months now. It takes a long time for it to starve and die if it does not get enough food. And even the experts don't know for sure what it eats . They say it eats some algae slime maybe that is only found in well established mature tanks. Sometimes I think I have done enough research and am prepared to properly care for something and it turns out I'm wrong.
Try small pieces of shrimp or clam and see if they'll take it. Damn if I can remember if mine took it, it's been 25 years since I had one last. The whole out of water thing is overblown with starfish. It's a lot more important with urchins.
Ive switched my stars between tanks many times and have had them for years. You hit the nail on the head with stars though. When they run out of food they slowly starve. Definitely recommended to try and find something he'll eat.