Got me a new Bubble tip! Two for one!

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Hey, peoples!

A friend and I have been trying to talk the wife into getting an anemone. Our clowns have been trying to "host" our cup coral instead! So we were at the LFS this weekend checking out their stock and they have Rose Bubble Tips in stock. She had already decided to get a purple/gold hammer coral she'd been eying so I guess it got her in the spendy mood and she said "get one of those too!" I was floored!

So our staff guy (Mikey!) moved some things around so we could see them all and there was a very nice one hiding in a pot. We said we wanted that one right as a woman with another sales associate said "Oh, that one's much nicer" and acted like she wanted it. Good ol' Mike acted like he hadn't heard and scooped it up for us! To make it even more awkward he commented that it looked like it was about to divide. We got it home and acclimated Saturday and Sunday came home to find two Anemones hanging out on our rock!

Enough babble, PICS!

Any advice would be appreciated, folks. Thanks!
Ooohhh, I like the color. Very pretty! Just keep your water parameters stable is my only advice. They will move to find their happy place as far as light and flow.
I've had mine for almost a month now. My clowns love it...a little too much. It has spent several days just trying to avoid them I think. It seems to be adjusting well though.
Yeah, it already moved about 10" before it split. One of them moved under the rock and the other is sitting right on top. Can't wait until Giggles and Chuckles notice them!

My parameters are usually pretty stable. The only thing that fluctuates some is salinity. Water changes fix that though.

Turning the AC on this week (its getting in the 90s!) so my temp should be stable as well. It's risen lately to 80.
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Love the nem, and the sexy shrimp. They are a hoot to watch. I have two in my 26g bowfront. They will stand in front of eachother, and just shake their bums around for a bit. And then they go and badger the crap out of my flowerpot coral lol.