Feather Duster Downsizing Tube?


This morning i took a look at my feather duster and it looked like the top of the tube was sliced off. the was just laying next to the rest of the tube. i didnt think anything of it. but i just looked at it now, and another 3/4 inch came off! What is it doing. is it doing that because my A hole maroon clown keeps blowing sand everywhere? my Coco worm seems to be fine extending his tube though.
Economic times are rough, man. Sounds like the bank decided to take it back. Guess he wasn't able to keep up on his tube payments. It's okay -- he'll probably go live with his mom and dad for a while, until he gets back on his...feet...foot...errr...?
As long as he is able to retreat into his tube he should be okay. I'd keep an eye on the clown of yours. He might be picking at it and pulling it's tube apart. That clown of yours is Trouble! With a capitol T. :lol: