HELP my duster has accidentally got half feathers knocked off


Reefing newb
Yesterday we went and bought 4 new fish...well I got up this morning and my BF says he cant find the trigger fish we just bought. Well we have a 75 gallon bow front we just started in April. We are newbies to salt water. Well I started picking up the rocks to look for him (prior to the new fish we only had 2 chromis and 1 cardinal) so 1 rock I picked up the trigger was actually stuck inside a hole well anyways hes fine but when my BF moved a rock he hit the duster and knocked off half of his feathers...Now he has come up out of his tube like 3" and looks so sad. Can he repair himself? Anyting I can do to help him. I DONT want to lose him!! HELP
Hi and welcome to LR!

Yes the feather duster can regenerate it's crown. Just let it do it's thing because you don't want to continue to stress it.
OH NO!! Well after I got your message salt_for_brains (which THANK YOU) the duster started coming way out of his tube and would be like hanging there. Well I just got up this morning and he came out of his tube (was up in a rock) and is laying in the sand. Hes moving still. What do I do? Will he rebuild a new tube? Should I remove the old tube and put him up where he was? or even somewhere else? So he will be safe? Or will he even live? I have a flame scallop, cardinal fish, trigger fish, blue chromis, and few other very mild fish and then I have blue leg and reg crabs. I dont want anything to hurt it. Thanks for answering my question :)
Once they are out of their tube it is hit or miss. I have seen them rebuild their tube but I have also seen them die. Let it do it's thing because messing with it will stress it out even worse. Good luck and you are welcome!
+1 I've had them stay in the tube for over a month and and abandon the tube lose the crown and recover, (usually a sign of bad water quality or water current). Best thing to do is to let it do it's thing. Good luck.
Oh and also (I don't know if this is the case) trigger fish have a sort of "trigger" on their backs and they will wedge themselves in a hole/rock and lock themselves in with their "trigger". So I don't know if this might have been the case or if your fish was really stuck in their. By the way, welcome to living reefs!