Really Tiny Feather dusters, Or maybe Aiptaisias ?


Go Big Or Go Home !
So I was looking on my rock work and I noticed little tiny feather duster looking things on the rocks, Only one of the ones I seen had a little tube it was coming out of and the rest where on the rock work. Im still not 100% sure there feather dusters but there tiny smaller even than a amphiapod and red, they retrack when you move by them just like feather dusters. Does anyone els have these in there tanks ??? I notice them all on my left side of the tank maybe about 15 of them over the corse of mayve 5 rocks.
For over a year I had about 50 of these on one rock in my tank. Little filter feeders. They'd retract into their tube when disturbed. They gradually disappeared. Very tiny.
Just reread your post...didnt notice the red part lol. Do they have white curly tubes like a big spirorbid with a red skirt? If so....wouldnt worry. Harmless.
actually a lot of them don't have tubes that I can see there in little crevises on the rocks, but there are maybe 2 with small little whitish tubes.
heres the best pic i could find of mine. it's retracted but you can see the tube structure and the tips of the red duster. when fully open it was layed out flat and as big as a pencil eraser.

maybe ball tip anemone? I had something of that nature in mine and that's what everybody told me it could be.