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Santa came a little early to our place yesterday & today!! :bounce::^:

A Christmas card came in the mail for my wife that there was a present for her at Ruffin's and she had to go and pick it up. Unfortunatly anyone that followed my puffer thread knows I was going to get her it for Christmas but was told not to with my reef so she could pick ANYTHING she wanted too. I thought she'd pick the rabbit & cage but she ended up getting a blue tang. Ariel is her name.

We had Christmas with my Mom & her partner last weekend and I got a water test kit and a $40 gift certificate for the LFS. I love my mother derly and couldn't tell her the test kit she bought was for freshwater so I took it back today when I went shopping to see if they had a saltwater but they have to order it. I did end up spending some of my gift cert on 5 Astraea & 6 Nassrius Snail and a frag he had for $5. No idea what it was but I wanted it. He told me but I can't remember what it was called.

I also bought the rabbit for my boys!

Happy Holidays Everyone & your families!


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:bounce:I went coral shopping today. Spent $35 and came home with a green polyps & a blastomussa wellsi. My nice friendly blenny tried to eat the polyps. Almost pulled them off the frag block.:bounce:

On a sadder note. My blue tang has ICK! I raised the temp im my tank but if it's not gone tomorrow then back to qt he goes to get treatment! :grumble:


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My 4 Nerites Snails came in today. They are going to live in the sump. My emerald crab didn't show up though. :( Tank is going to be kinda empty as I have ich and am taking them all out to a hospital tank.


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You only need to take the fish out of the tank.

All the inverts and corals are unaffected by it, just leave the display empty of fish for a month or two and ich will die with nothing to host.
You only need to take the fish out of the tank.

All the inverts and corals are unaffected by it, just leave the display empty of fish for a month or two and ich will die with nothing to host.

Thanks Kevin. I ment without the fish in there. I got a 10 gallon today to use. There's not too much colour in there yet without the fish.
Not too sure if I did a bad thing or not but I traded my old 55 Gallon tank with HOB filter for a new 10 gallon starter kit and a heater. I needed it bad so I went for it. Only lost $25 from my asking price, but I think my fish are worth it.

I took 6 gallons out of my DT for it and added 4 gallons of fresh mix to fill it. Both tanks are at 1.025. My DT just had a water change Monday and is getting another one today. I need more water jugs as 2 just isn't enough. LOL! My DT is down 3 Gallons and will have to wait til tomorrow to bring it back up. Only problem with the 10 gallon is it has a heater I can't adjust and the temp is at 27[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]ºC [/FONT]and my DT is at 26ºC. Not sure what that works out to in Fº. Here's a picture of it sitting nicely on my beer fridge since I have no other place to put it unless I redo my plumbing for the other tank then it will fit under it above my sump. I need to get some PVC couplings for the fish to hide in tomorrow also. Should I get a small power head for it or is flow not that big of an issue?


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You should get a small powerhead for flow. I don't think that's a big enough temperature difference to worry about.

I picked up an AquaClear 10 Powerhead. Moves 80 gph. Also Lyle gave me some Mardel CopperSafe. I grabbed an API Saltwater Master Test Kit to get away from the strips I was using.

After I removed all the LR from my tank to catch the fish (which you need 3 hands and 3 nets for) I waited a hour then fed them. They all ate. The tang didn't eat as much as normal, but still ate. I waited another hour then dosed them with CopperSafe.

I guess for the next 8 weeks I can re-scape my LR, glue down my frags and clean up the red slime. The sponges mutiplied like crazy & so did the anemones. I'm going to scrap them all off before they go back in the tank. Maybe I can get a better picture of the "rust coloured carnations" I have growing on the one rock and some one can tell me what it is.


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They say people learn from their mistakes. I learned a big lesson on where to buy fish, and to educate everyone in the house about the purpose of a QT!

I did some renovating to the display tank while it was empty. I moved the powerheads around, cleaned off the anenomies and sponges from the rock and re-arranged them. Added more places for the fish to hide & swim thru. I glued down all my frags while I had the rock out. Guess while I'm waiting for the next 8 weeks I'll pick up a couple more powerheads.

I did inventory on my CUC. Everyone was accounted for. 2 urchins, 2 red legged hermints, 2 blue legged hermits, 10 astraea snails and 6 nassrius snails.


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:bounce:Thought I'd update everyone on my ich problem. The past couple of days my hawk hasn't been eating & covered in spots, the blenny has been covered in spots, and the clown just had a few spots. As of this afternoon they are all eating well and do not have any spots on them. I think the hawk just missed some LR to sit on as I put a little piece I didn't really like in the tank for them.:^:
good to hear your fish are doing well!

Thanks you!

Your tank looks larger than a 57, is a 57 long or something??

The tank filled to the top would be 59 1/4 gallons, but the level I keep the water at makes it 57 gallons. I took plastic trim for a 55 gallon and kept the same length and width, but made the height 22 1/4" instead of 21. I wanted a 55 gallon tank that held 55 gallons with the overflow drilled in the back. I'm thinking now for the extra $100 I should have built myself a 180 gallon since glass is free for me.
Good to hear they are doing well. Gotta feel good about that.

Thank you. I do feel better!! King Freckles had me worried the past couple days, but all is good now, except I can't get my damn rabbit to drink from a water bottle...drinks fine from a bowl but gets shavings in it all the time.:grumble:
The tank looks good. Glad to see they are doing better, nice job on that!

Thank you. It looks good cause I didn't post the pictures of it all covers in algae and red slime. It's looking better today. Just wish I could put my fish back in it. Feb 25 will be 8 weeks. Seems way too long.
Since I can't buy any fish for awhile, I picked up an Emerald Crab. I've been waiting for it to come in for 3 weeks. Here's a pic of Emm.


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