Cadgey's 700 litre

+ 1 Marcah. Ditch the damsels unless you reeeeeeeeally like them. Then you could look at angels, tangs, wrasses, and other reef beauties! And roughly 18 fish in your tank would be your stock limit.
thanks for the advice guys. Re: the Damsels, I haven't seen them harassing any other fish. Would it be possible theyre doing it 'behind the scenes'? Its certainly going to be a challenge to catch them in a 700 litre live rock tank!
They could be, you could also be luck to have a tank large enough that they dont have fish coming into their territory often enough to feel the need to go after them.
yeah, they're certainly very territorial. I think it'd be best to get them out as soon as i can. does anyone know of any fish traps haha!