chichimom79's 60 gallon cube

Update after six years! The tank has been moved once and neglected a lot. I am renewing my passion for the hobby and fixing my tank issues. My alkalinity had dropped to below 6 before I noticed I needed to pay attention again, start doing more water changes and start loving my tank again. I still have one of my maroon clowns, the bigger of the two died a year or so ago. Other than him, the tank is completely different. This is the best my rockscape has ever looked IMO but I have some colonial hydroids so I may have to remove at least one of the rocks that has the most of the little buggers on it. Since correcting my parameters I have added a torch, a plate coral baby with two mouths, some xenia, some orange zoas, a favites (I think??), and a superman monti(that looks very brown right now). I've had the frogspawn , cup coral, and candy cane coral for several years. They survived the neglect thankfully.