Brittany's teeny tiny reef!

Yeah my thing now is Gas at .02-.03 from $4.00 I cant afford the drive at this point and time. Nor the shipping/ packing of them. My funds are depleted with damn auto repairs.
Yeah my thing now is Gas at .02-.03 from $4.00 I cant afford the drive at this point and time. Nor the shipping/ packing of them. My funds are depleted with damn auto repairs.

know how you feel with auto repairs! just cashed out a huge chunk myself :shock:
Yeah my thing now is Gas at .02-.03 from $4.00 I cant afford the drive at this point and time. Nor the shipping/ packing of them. My funds are depleted with damn auto repairs.
People made fun of me when gas hit $3 a gallon I got rid of my truck and got a honda civic....guess who is laughing now...but I do miss the truck..
No problem, and I blame you for this entirely, I talked to my LFS about seeing if he could get me mandarin gobi. I'm going to get the one without the spots tho, don't wanna cramp your style :p. (Probably end up getting him in a month or so now that I've lightened the Bioload in my tank)
Don't get the mandarin yet. They are very hard to take care of because they are such picky eaters. If I were you, I would make sure you have a large refugium where you can grow pods, and make sure your tank is well established with plenty of live rock. But, it would be much easier to go for mandarins already trained onto frozen food, but those are much more expensive. This is why I've waited so long to get a mandarin, and I still haven't gotten one! I'm just warning you so that you won't be spending your money on a dead fish. Just make sure you plan, and so maybe in a couple of months you can get one. By the way, I also read that the spotted ones are easier to train to eat frozen food. Sorry for the long post, don't take it the wrong way, I'm just trying to help.
Anthony, Great news on deciding to get a mandarin. They actually aren't a goby but a dragonette ;) my best advice is to buy one is that already trained to eat frozen. They are difficult to get eating frozen food if they aren't already trained. Mine was eating frozen before I bought Him and I've had him for over a year now :)

Reefnoob. They are not difficult fish to keep at all. Just difficult to get eating frozen. If you find one that eats frozen they can be the easiest fish to keep In my expirience :)
I heard they can be picky, I told my LFS guy that before I would take him home I had a couple of conditions haha. I wanted to make sure he shipped fine before I took him, and he had to feed him frozen. Covered my bases on this one :p. Thanks for the help though! :)
That's great to hear! Also when I feed my mandarin I turn off all the pumps and powerheads bc they like to look at one piece of food for 5 mins before actually eating it lol. They are slow eaters to say the least
I do that when I feed my fish anyway, otherwise the stupid HOB filters I have push it all right down too the bottom and my fish ignore it lol. I also turn off the power heads during it. Makes it a little easier for my fish to get it, and it's easy enough too do :p
Hey guys. Not much happening here. A couple small things to note though. First I've had some nasty algae growth and I've come to terms that its never going to leave me alone so I took a Halloween crab and a fighting conch from the 93 and put it in here. Boy that sandbed was clean in 2 days! It works good though bc as soon as he cleans the entire sandbed there's a portion growing algae again. Never ending food supply :) I'm trying to find the positive here!

Also my turbo snails suck at their lives. When I first got them they zoomed all over eating every piece of algae in sight well now they must be boycotting bc they stay sitting in the same spot for weeks! I don't even know how they are alive! But they are. I touch them and their little trap doors shut tight. Maybe that's why I have algae bc they stopped working.. Hmm. So anyways I gave up on them. Now they are lawn ordiments for the sandbed I guess that occaisionally move. It's funny though bc the Halloween crab is trying to eat one of them, (prolly figures its dead) and the other snail right next to them decided to wake up and move. Guess he doesn't wanna be next. Those dumb snails.

Third I get these stupid little air bubbles all over the rocks sometimes which makes no sense to me bc I have one of the power heads pointing to the surface of the water. So if anyone has any tips, lemme know!

Here's some pics! Enjoy and leave me a comment! I'm bored today!

Before I added trunks the fighting conch

After I added trunks

My space monster zoas

Mr. Fatty aka Oliver

Look at that snails frightened face in the background!

Top down


See the dumb air bubbles?


Vice zoas


Trunks munching

My green month is getting big! My clown gobys personal lounge spot
Phosphate is one test I don't have :( when I took it to the Lfs a couple months ago it was .02 I think? High I think. Which could have been from me over feeding and not rinsing my frozen food before feeding it or from my water source which is tap. The algae isn't a huge deal to me as long as I can keep it at bay.