Brittany's teeny tiny reef!

Wow quite the change there my friend. I love my mandarin if I were to brake down my 90 he'd be the only on I'd keep in a fish only with live rock. Well it's to do see your still at it :)
Get a couple of Dwarf Ponies :). You'd have to set up a brine shrimp hatchery for them, but it's very simple to do and it's awesome to watch those lil guys swim around. :)
Thanks Guys! Yea I do need to get some coral again lol holiday season is in full swing so no time to do anything!

Dwarf seahorses are neat little guys but I'm too busy these days to hatch food for them and all that. I have to force myself to do the weekly water changes on time! Lol but they always get done ;)

I'll stick with My mandarin for now and eventually add coral again. Not too much coral though, I want it to be a pretty simple tank.