Are pipe fish hard to keep

most pipefish are not to difficult. Your tank needs to be established for at least 6months I would recommend a year. I keep a pair of dwarf pipes, many banded, banded, dragon and janses, in my 180.

I feed them frozen cyclops daily and they also feed on pods.

what else can I tell ya :)
hobbies? interests? what they are looking for in a relationship? ...all these would be helpful Winy....:lol: j/k

If you look at these all but one are rated for "experts only". The other one is rated as difficult. IME they are very hard to keep them going. I put taking care of them in the same category as seahorses. IMO they are fish better left in the ocean.
I have kept pipefish in my tanks for over 10 years now. They are much easier to keep then a seahorse. I have 2 breeding pairs in my tank right now. If you do good research and are patient, you should be fine with them, as mentioned they require special feeding and good water quality.

Sorry but it all goes with the everyone's tanks and success is different with different animals, such as Mike has great success with linkia starfish, most of us have bad experiences with them.