Photo of The Month


I'd like to bring this back starting in January but, at least for a while, instead of having a vote we'll just have it be a way to show off your tanks. We'll keep the same categories each month, but we'll just skip the voting. We'll also allow entries for the entirety of the month. Once we start getting regular entries each month we'll go back to a vote.

Here are the categories we'll be using throughout the year.

  • January - Anything goes
  • February - Corals
  • March - Pink, red and purple
  • April - Feeding
  • May - Full tank shots
  • June - Anything goes (phone camera only)
  • July - Orange and yellow
  • August - Fish
  • September - Predators
  • October - Green, white and blue
  • November - Non-coral inverts
  • December - Extreme close-ups