POTM themes


Reefing newb
I've just been thinking - the current Photo of the Month theme (full tank shots) is very similar to the theme for the previous month (far away shots).

The amount of submissions for these two themes tends to be low compared with other months, so I was thinking perhaps we could remove the far away shots theme and replace it with something else?

I'd be interested to know what you think, and whether you have any suggestions for what we could replace it with (if that is what we decide to do).

As a handy reminder, here are the current themes:

January - Anything Goes
February - Corals
March - Pinks, Reds or Purples
April - Far away shots
May - Full tank shots
June - Anything Goes
July - Oranges or Yellows
August - Fish
September - Predators
October - Greens, Whites or Blues
November - Non-Coral Inverts
December - Extreme Close-Ups
Feeding - fish, coral or inverts. Pics of anything eating.
Macro Algae/Plants
Pairs - fish, or fish/inverts (mated pairs of fish, goby/pistol shrimp pairs, etc)
Ugly Tank - your algae problems, burnt sps, etc. Ugliest shot wins.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's really helpful! So it seems that the popular ideas are feeding and pairs - how about we replace April (Far Away Shots) and June (Anything Goes) with these? There are currently two 'anything goes' months, so it might make things a bit more interesting.

If CUC is popular too then we could always replace one of the other themes?

Is the POTM this month still going to be full tank shots or is it going to change?

Yup d2mini is right, it stays the same for this month :)
That's an awesome plan, Becky.

One thing on CUC is that we already have an invert POTM. Are we changing that to CUC only inverts?
One thing on CUC is that we already have an invert POTM. Are we changing that to CUC only inverts?

I think it might be best to leave it as it is for now, but I'll bear it in mind for the future.

Thanks again for the feedback everyone, much appreciated! :thumbsup:
So... looks like Pairs was a tricky topic! Are you guys happy to keep it or shall I bring back a second 'Anything Goes'? Alternatively if you've got another suggestion then please let me know :)