Another Jebao Group Buy (WP & DC Pumps)

We are making progress. Shipment has been released after multiple phone calls to FedEx and finally being able to talk to the person in charge of the package not someone in a call center located halfway around the world lol.

Pumps have arrive! Finally!!!! The only "problem" is that the shipment was not scheduled for delivery till tomorrow so only 19 packages of 26 arrived today. The other 7 will be here tomorrow. I can't understand how they have 26 packages going to the same location for the same person but somehow they only get 19 on the plane and leave 7 behind for the next day lol. Either way I should have all pumps by tomorrow. Once I get everything sorted out I will start shipping all of your orders. Most likely in a day or two.

I shipped them this morning at 10:30.
Received my DC-6000 today. Smiling ear to ear. Just did a test run to see what all the hype about Jebao is. These Pumps run to impress. Eric, I would like to thank you for doing this order for US. Especially for helping out a fella Reef you never meet before. Your top notch and professional.

Thanks so much again,
I got mine Saturday along with a few Amazon orders. Christmas in May!

Set them up in about 5 minutes and now my tank is rocking along. Thanks, Eric!!!! :thumbsup:

Between getting my Photon 48 and these powerheads I am looking forward to how well my tank does in the coming months.