Jebao DC & WP Pumps

sidewall about 4 inches from top water pointing straight to other side but pointed slightly upwards. mid tank up has nice sway but the polyps on bottom near sand look blown over
Hmmm try pointing it straight at the opposite side glass and see if that helps or straight at the opposite side glass but pointing a bit towards the back. The best thing you can do is keep re-positioning them till you find the best spot. I moved mine about 3 or 4 times till I got them where I was getting flow all over the tank with no dead spots and not blowing straight at corals
Just got an email today saying the WP pumps are ready to ship but the DC pumps aren't. I asked how much more time till the order is ready to ship so I will post it here as soon as I know. Sorry it's taking so long but it's out of my control.
Okay guys I got good news!!!!

According to Jebao the pumps are ready to be shipped and they should go out this week coming up. (They will email me once the pumps are shipped but it should be this week)

Lets hope its on Monday or Tuesday and not at the end of the week lol. :)
Okay guys the pumps are on their way. They shipped them today and they should be here by Wednesday according to UPS.
There is only one problem. The DC12000 did not ship with the rest of the pumps due to the transformers not being ready so they will ship once they are ready. ( I was told that they should be ready by next week. )
At least some of the pumps will be here. I guess that's better than nothing I guess lets just hope the dc12000 are ready next week.
i have both the wp 25 and wp40 and so far ive had them about a month with no complaints,i am watching these pumps like crazy since im not 100 % sure they will last,they both have a crap ton of flow though,very surprised at the power from such a small pump like the 25
Pumps are in. Just picked them up from UPS. (this is only the WP25's, WP40's & DC6000's)