Jebao DC & WP Pumps

These pumps are
A) unproven in longevity
B) using stolen technology and appearance from Tunze
C) are cheap Chinese pumps using cheap parts and cheap labor produced by the same people that produced the lighting fixture that was prone to catching fire.

There is a reason they are not readily available through any LFS, and no guarantee on them.

We can't really make a comparison between them and the MP since they offer no guarantee or customer service for you should you need to contact them.

So far, the only thing I can see that is impressive about them is the price point. But if they only last a year before you need to replace them, then you'd be losing money and patience I would think.

There are also many people I have seen pulling them out and selling them to put their old power heads back in for whatever reason.
And even with all that people keep buying them.

They can't be proven to last since they haven't been out for that long, same when something new comes out (you don't know if it'll last till a few years go by)

I've only seen a few people selling them on RC and that was maybe a hand full, so not a lot of people are selling them because they don't like them.

Im not saying these are better than Vortech but slowly they are showing they have potential and at a fraction of the cost.

If anybody is interested in the pumps please post it here or send me a PM. I already have about 20 people that want to order them.
I will be closing the group buy this Friday 9/13 so if anyone else is interested let me know. We are over 90 pumps already
Group Buy Now CLOSED.

Thank you Angie and Texreefer for submitting your payments and I will keep you guys updated on the order process as I receive more information from Jebao.
Just got an email from Jebao with their account information. I initiated a transfer from my PayPal account to my bank account earlier today so as soon as that goes through I will transfer the funds to Jebao. Now it's just a matter of waiting on bank transfers and Jebao sending out the pumps.
Nothing yet. Probably a few more weeks. As soon as I get an update from them I will post it here. We have to be patient this takes time.
Have you had any response from them after sending the money ? I know that when the local club did this , they were given an eta. soon after sending the money.
I think you all will be happy with the WP's. I got a WP25 a few months ago on a group buy and I love it. I have a nice wave motion in my 65g with only one WP25. I did buy a second in case I wanted more flow but have not used it yet.
i just bought my wp25 last thursday and it arrived today. im having trouble controlling flow i got it for my 75 but seems too strong any ideas btw using w1 s3 about mid knob. the surface water ripples nice but corals get a blown over look any suggestions on placement