Jebao DC & WP Pumps

Eric Noa

Reefing newb
I was just wondering if anybody is interested in ordering any of their pumps. I'm working with them to place a large order depending on how many people want them and how many they want.

They currently have two different model wave makers and 3 different model of DC return pumps.

Wavemakers: WP40 & WP25

Return DC Pumps: DC6000, DC9000, DC12000

The regular price for these pumps from Fish-Street is a follow per pump plus shipping per pump. (This is just a comparison as we would be ordering straight from Jebao)

DC6000 - $85 plus shipping ($37) Total: $122

DC9000 - Fish-Street doesn't carry this model

DC12000 - $100 plus shipping ($43) total: $143

WP-40 - $75 plus shipping ($12.40) Total: $87.40

WP-25 - $70 plus shipping ($10.08) Total: $80.08

Depending on the amount of pumps order the price will vary. Once they get to me I can ship them to you and I'm sure it'll still be cheaper than ordering from Fish-Street. I'm not trying to make a profit out of this just want to help you other people that are interested in these pumps.

If you are interested please let me know how many of each pump you want and once I have all the numbers I will get a price from Jebao and then I will post the price here.
Hmm there is no guarantee, they are coming directly from the manufacture in china and they do not offer any guarantee. Are you familiar with these pumps?
I have the WP40 and even for a 100 gallon (long) the max speed is a bit too much.

Also, the second generation controllers now have speed settings at fixed points, 100%, 75% and 50%. But this speed lock setting only affects mode "W1".
If you choose any other modes, they will still ramp up to maximum speed.

I might try that dimmer mod. Since it reduces the voltage coming into the controller, I can scale down the speed for all modes.
I'm in. I want one!

If you want to get one from Arizona go ahead its up to you. But if you want one from the group buy let me know which model you want.

You can get the WP25 from Arizona for $85 . The 40 is HUGE (softball size) . I would go with the 25 for anything smaller than probably 75g. I was looking at them for my 90 and the 40 was massive.

Jebao WP25 Wavemaker Free Expedited Shipping from US | eBay

Also , check out the speed control mod that was done here.

Jebao WP-40 Speed Control Mod - Do It Yourself - Austin Reef Club

Thanks for the link to the mod and yes the WP40 is super strong, I would put it in a 120 or bigger.
Just heard back from Jebao a few hours ago.

The following prices are if we order a minimum of 24 pumps of each model.

24 min of the WP25 - $58 each shipped to my house.

24 min of the WP40 - $68 each shipped to my house.

24 min of the DC6000 - $79 each shipped to my house.

24 min of the DC12000 - $89 each shipped to my house.

Again this prices are based on ordering a minimum of 24 pumps of each model. Now we do not need to order all the models to get the discount but lets say we just order WP25 & 40's then they would each have to be no less than 24 pumps of each.

If you are interested please let me know how many of each you want so I can keep track and then send the numbers to Jebao and the a final quote (which could be a few dollars lower or higher)

Now since Im in Florida I would have to ship the pumps to you guys individually but that wouldn't be a problem I don't mind doing that you would just have to add the shipping to the price of the pump. Still they would come out cheaper than ordering from an online retailer
I've been running the WP-40 for 4 months now and it's performing great. I just got my WP-25 last week and now I've got great flow

[ame=]Jebao WP-40 - YouTube[/ame]