Another Jebao Group Buy (WP & DC Pumps)

OK So I finally received an email from Jebao. Here is the deal, I can add the Twin Controllers to the order but I cannot make any changes as far as removing anything from the order since it has already been submitted since they left for vacation and the payment was made, therefore I can only add the twin controllers to the order.

They have 3 different model of twin controller and each comes with the plug and adapter. Each model allows you to control a different pair of pumps. Bellow is the list with prices.

TC-4A - WP25p+WP25p - WP25p+WP10p - WP10p+WP10p - $32 each

TC-5A - WP40p+WP40p - WP40p+WP25p - WP40p+WP10p - WP25p+WP25p - $50 each

TC-6A - WP60p+WP40p - WP40p+WP40p - WP40p+WP25p - WP25p+WP25p - $60 each

Again this is ONLY the controller with plug and adapter it does NOT come with a WP pump like the packages that Fish-Street is offering.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a controller I need to know which model and need funds sent to me by Sunday 02/16/2014 @ 11:59pm as I will be send the money on Monday morning.

Please send the money to my paypal as gift and in the description write your username from Living Reefs and the model and quantity of twin controllers.

[email protected]
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As of now I have emailed Jebao with the numbers of Twin Controllers I'll be ordering so thats it for the Twin Controllers. Once I have an ETA on the arrival of the order I will post it here.

I emailed Jebao last night asking for an ETA and the news are not so good. They are short staffed and have a lot of orders that came in before the Chinese holiday (including our order) so right now they are expecting the order to be completed in 4-5 weeks. Keep in mind that our order was submitted before they left in January but they didn't start working on it till they came back which was last week.

All we can do is be patient as this part of the process is out of our control. Any news I get will be posted here.
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