35g hex tank update

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Its all funny....now I'm being judged from every angle...lol, well there's only one way to see what's gonna happen...I'll try my best to do what the lil guy needs as far as upkeep... but if he doesn't make it then he doesn't make it....obviously it will sux but its a learning process....recommended doesn't mean necessary.... which all of u seem to have confused...cause if that was the case no one would have clowns in tiny tanks....so stop the bickering with the tang.... this isn't my first setup...u live and u learn....I'll be the bad guy and I'm taking all feedback with welcome...but just cause everyone disagrees with this I'll make sure I give updates weekly....animals die everyday....hopefully mine will make it

You are the worst kind of fishkeeper, putting the needs of yours eyes over the fish, and taking the opportunity away from another owner who could have put him in a bigger tank.

This hobby probably shouldn't exist in the first place, but if you're going to take part in it the least you can do is restrain yourself from buying shit just because you can and let someone else provide it a better home. But we already know there's more than one person like you so...better buy it before they do, right? Obviously you've never learned to be the better person, and you probably treat all opportunities with this attitude.

Right now you're like one of those assholes who buys a dog and leaves it changed to a tree all day. Give it a bowl of food and water and it's good, doesn't need walking, attention or playtime, right...it'll survive. /roll

Good luck with 'learning'. I for one, hope you get banned. Living Reefs shouldn't tolerate this attitude, and I doubt you'll find another forum that would either.
chained :grumble:

Just wanted to be clear; you're not just catching flak simply for putting a tang into a small tank; plenty of people have done it by mistake or with the idea of moving it *shortly* to a larger tank, like you are supposedly doing.

However this whole attitude of yours, and this 'if it doesn't make it it doesn't make it' nonsense is asinine; these fish can live for years and years, and they'll be around in the hobby for just as long so there's no reason to rush out and put one into cramped quarters. Clownfish and Tangs have zero in common when it comes to swimming abilities, so you can stop making that comparison.

Maybe you'll prove us all wrong and it won't die and you'll eventually move him to a bigger tank. Yay. In the meantime, however, good luck sharing your tank photos when all you'll do is catch flak on any forum you go to. The only person who'll be excited for your tank is you, and if that doesn't matter, why bother posting at all?

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One month on the scene...really .... u think anyone is listening to u cause u jump on the bandwagon? Why don't u wait for a cycle before u get ur feet wet sweety! :helm2:

Not arguing, but dont talk to anyone on this forum like that... It doesnt matter how long they have been on here, but the input that they give, and the state of mind they bring to the forum. So dont be a dick. Kthx.
+1 Waddi

I also find this comment especially funny because you joined this forum in January and only set your tank up a month ago, and yet you seem to think you can ignore the advice of people who have been doing this for years but your statement implies that length of time in the hobby is of extreme importance for the quality of advice.
And just so you know, adaptation takes time over many generations. Sometimes thousands of years. Did your tang come from generations of tank bred tangs? I don't think so. I really hate it when people think like this. I have a 90 gallon tank, nearly 3 times the size or yours, and I've held myself back from buying a blue tang because I know that it will not be the best for it.
There are NO tank bred tangs. Every single one you see and have seen come from the wild. Dont forget the dozens that die for the few that make it to the stores.
There aren't tank raised tangs either.... The closest you could get to that would be by buying a second hand fish
Salt for brains...appreciate the info....definitely keep in mind all the advice u gave...waddi, wonton, and zissou...all sucka D!!! Could care less what any of u lil girls think!!! Little fish....just cause I've been on the forum for a short period of time doesn't mean I've never had a setup....its not my first but I'm not as knowledgeable as most of the experts....everyone has mixed ideas on the subject but I've seen tanks with so many fish in it and do very well and flourish...just today I saw a 90g with off the top of my head about 6 different tangs...2 hippo 3 yellow and etc...thx Ted and Dixie... its obvious these losers just wanna be up my a**!!! But for all u internet gangstas ur more than welcome to come check me...and speak ya mind in person!! Maybe this will upset u more...I added a flame angel today and it appears to have my hippo tang ecstatic...he now has a bff...sum it up....JUMP OFF IF U DONT LIKE IT...IMMA BE HERE POSTING IT ALL UP SO CLOSE YA EYES!!
ob_on3 no one started calling you any names, we are all trying to help. You are just so blind that you don't want to accept that you are wrong. We're not insulting you or anything. Go back and look at all your threads, people always came and answered. Did we do something wrong? Did we call you names? These actions just show that you are very immature, and you aren't able to handle simple situations such as these. I would suggest that you stop being derogatory. It is only disrespecting you yourself as a person.
I'm pretty sure I can read...I was called asshole and dick...which doesn't bother...but if u can't take it don't dish it...cuz I can...
Now if you'll excuse me...I have to go save lives...vampire shift...NYC FDNY PARAMEDIC!! 10pm- 6am...I'll be checking in...keep em coming
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