35g hex tank update

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No, pods are a separate creature that tend to live in fuges, but they aren't a product of the algae. And as long as he is eating frozen foods I wouldn't worry about him too much, he should do fine.
I put a little Nutrimar Ova in my food mixture for my Mandarin. That's what it was used to eating at the LFS. If he goes on a food strike, you may try that. But if he is eating what you are offering, don't worry.
OK so I know I'm goon a have some upset messages after this but I won't leave him in long...I figure when he reaches 2 1/2 in -3 I'll swap him out....but otherwise levels are good and only other thing I might add is more LR...
Right now he's 1- 1 1/2in...timid and shy at first...I'm sure cause of fish store worry of being chased...now swims with clowns all the times...looks good imo
OK so I know I'm goon a have some upset messages after this but I won't leave him in long...I figure when he reaches 2 1/2 in -3 I'll swap him out....but otherwise levels are good and only other thing I might add is more LR...

Quick someone call the ASPCA!!! Hahaha. On a sad not I think my orange clown has itch. I noticed a couple of tiny white specs on his body and alot on his fins. I will try and take a picture. My other clown and Flame Angel do not seem to have it.
Lol...fish is healthy...I've already heard all the opinions on the forum...but IMO no one follows them in regards to other fish especially clowns...so I'll stick to the obvious....the fish is eating swimming and doing fish things....its happy to me....besides its tiny
It doesn't matter how "tiny" it is. You know what else is tiny? Your tank. Especially when these fish swim ridiculous distances a day. Even when they're small.

I'll say it now.

RIP blue tang.
I am going to copy over a post by Bifferwine, which pretty much sums up this entire situation with the blue tang and many other fish/coral. You really should think about this.

I don't have any specifics, but I do have one thing to say, and it may sound harsh so I apologize if it comes off that way:


If you research a fish and you find it's "expert only", and you ask on here or other sites about this fish you have your heart set on, and you have multiple people tell you that the fish is very difficult to keep, you should pass on it, don't even attempt it, remember that you are not different than anyone else that has tried to keep this fish and has failed.

If you think that you just might get lucky, the fish will do fine for you, and you are willing to take that chance, remember that's not the case.

Moorish idols are a great example. Because of "Finding Nemo" we had a lot of people coming on here saying they wanted to get a moorish idol. Do five minutes of research on them, and you will realize this fish is not realistic for 99% of the people in this hobby -- not even the vast majority of so-called "experts" with years of experience are willing or able to keep a moorish idol healthy and happy. Yet inevitably people will still buy them thinking they are different, or they are special, that everyone else must've been doing something wrong, that they can be the lucky one that is able to keep this fish alive.

Not true. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. The moorish idol is going to die in your tank just like it dies in everyone else's tanks.

So that's what I mean by that. I just see all to often good advice on this site being dismissed because people think that for some reason they will have a different experience with a difficult animal than everyone else has experienced.

If everyone tells you that the powder blue tang is very susceptible to ich and not a good idea for your 55, but you do it anyways because you think you are lucky, you are different, you are special and you are hopeful that this fish will be just fine in your tank, you are wrong. Fish is gonna die.

Or how about if those irresistible seahorses would be so cute in your mixed reef, and even though you've been told that they don't do well with aggressive fish, you think that your experience is going to be different, your seahorses are going to do just fine with your other fish, because you are different and you will have better luck than everyone else. You are wrong about that. Sayonara, seahorses.

Or you want to put that hippo tang in your 29 gallon? You think it's okay because it's small, even though all the research you've done tells you otherwise, and the knowledgeable people you've asked tell you it's a bad idea, but you do it anyways because you think that your situation is different than everyone else's? Ehhh. Wrong. You are not special. Your situation is not different. You are not luckier than anyone else that has tried and failed. You do not have some sort of magical ability that will allow you to keep big fish in a small tank. Acknowledge it, admit it, accept it; accept that tangs just aren't meant for a 29 gallon tank, and find a better fish for your tank.

That's my rant. I hope that wasn't too off-track.

That is from this thread: https://www.livingreefs.com/newbie-...wbie-mistakes-weve-all-been-there-t41904.html

I would also like to add that even if this tang was in a properly sized tank, it would be highly unlikely that he is going to make it anyways. When they are that tiny they have pretty much just settled out the larval phase and they need to eat about 30 times a day, which is something you cant provide. Plus you have no idea how long its been since that tang was fed. It can be a few weeks between collection and getting to a LFS, where they still might not be fed. For the one that makes it, its not unrealistic to figure that 15-20 didnt.

Finally, I question where you got the experience to know wether or not that fish is behaving normally. You have only had this tank for about a month and you have only had clownfish which are in vastly different area of behavior patterns than tangs.
I am definitely not a nagger nor do I get up in arms about stuff like this. Shoot I am usually the one telling people it is "just a fish". But in this case I will say that to make matters worse your tank is hexagonal. This means that the Tang truly has even less room to swim than in my 40g breeder, which is also too small. If you had a 4ft tank I would say maybe he would do ok for a while and with a 5ft tank he would do ok for at least a year but 6ft swimming distance is recommended. I bet with your hex you only have like 2 ft from side to side right? And he doesn't seem that small, I have seen Hippos that are like < 1/2in when they are babies so he is probably already kinda cramped. He will outgrow your tank super fast. But in the end it is your tank and your choice, I am a Libertarian so I take pride in not telling other people how or what to do with their lives.
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Its all funny....now I'm being judged from every angle...lol, well there's only one way to see what's gonna happen...I'll try my best to do what the lil guy needs as far as upkeep... but if he doesn't make it then he doesn't make it....obviously it will sux but its a learning process....recommended doesn't mean necessary.... which all of u seem to have confused...cause if that was the case no one would have clowns in tiny tanks....so stop the bickering with the tang.... this isn't my first setup...u live and u learn....I'll be the bad guy and I'm taking all feedback with welcome...but just cause everyone disagrees with this I'll make sure I give updates weekly....animals die everyday....hopefully mine will make it
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