Yellow multibanded pipefish


Hope you dont lose them in your tank.

Hahaha! Well the little blue striped one is already lost somewhere. He dove behind a rock and disappeared out of sight right away. The yellow one is hanging out in the front of the tank where I can easily see him, which makes me happy!
Here are some pics of Sig in the tank. I will be updating my build thread from now on, so as not to double clutter!




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How are they doing Bifferroo?

The bluestripe is alive, but has not once come out of his cave. The only way I can see him is if I squeeze between the tank and the wall and look in his cave with a flashlight. It is shaped so that he only fits in there if he hovers vertically. I guess it's good that he's alive, but it sucks that he's apparently one of those fish that I will never see...

Sig the yellow one is doing awesome! I returned tonight after being away for 3 days, and I was a little worried about him, because he would have gone all that time without me feeding. I was assuming there would be enough live food in the tank to sustain him. Sure enough, he is floating around, picking at the rocks.

I will see if I can get some new shots of him this week.
They are easier than seahorses. They have the same needs as mandarins, basically.

There are several different types of pipefish (you can see them at Live Aquaria). If there is a specific type you want, Dan at SWSW can order them. He has access to at least 5 different species. That's where I got mine.