Yellow multibanded pipefish

pipefish would be fun to try. i have alwasy been to scared to try them. but if i had more time to take care of them i would try
My LFS currently has two species for sale -- one blue line, and one of the black and white pipes. But they are both singles, and they do better in pairs, so I didn't want to buy just one. Both of their pipes have been in the store for months and are eating frozen. Maybe they aren't as hard as people say they are?
The LFS had a pair of them a few months ago. They were 40 bucks a piece so I guess not bad since you dont have to pay for shipping.

Really cool looking
Wineyfrog has some breeding I am pretty sure...

The banded one is the best to start from what I have heard.... Mine is easier than a Mandrain if you ask me, they can swim maybe not as good as a wrasse but mine has no problems swimming right at power heads. I will say my one complaint is I hardly ever see mine, I have a lot of LR in my display and that means a lot of places to hide. When he does decide to come out it is pretty cool.
I had an african pipe fish for a long time 2 years+ then my not so fish smart mother decided she didn't want to take care of multiple tanks and put him in with her fish, she has a lovely green bubble tip anemone and well my slow moving peaceful little pipe fish got a little to close and well you can guess what happened next. On a more positive note they are really easy to care for and beautiful to look at, just make sure to not have any aggressive animals in the tank with them
They are definitely cool looking fish...Do you think the amount of flow that you have in your tank would be diffcult for them? I read that they are stronger swimmers than seahorses, I'd be afraid that the thing woudl swim right into a powerhead and promptly get ginsu'd. I say go for it.
Well my powerheads are all at the top of the tank, in the back. They tend to stay close to the rocks, near the bottom of the tank. If they do what they are *SUPPOSED* to do, they should be safe...

If not, the rest of my fish will get an expensive fresh sushi meal.
Do you think they will be able to compete for food?I would like to see how this goes for you.My tank is shallow and open,I''ve ran out of ideas for fish.
I had one 12 years ago and he done great for me. I would target feed him just like a mandarin. He done great up until the hurricane. Find the low current spot in the tank and put it some cover there for them. Even if its a fake sea fan( better yet a real one). Just something they can blend in with. Good luck. I loved mine. Ps. I don't know what kind i had. He accidentally got brought back on the live shrimp boat. So my dad brought him to me.
My LFS has a reef display tank where he puts all of "his" fish. He's got a pipefish with a mandarin, a pair of percula clowns, and a aiptaisa eating filefish. The mandarin and pipefish have been in there for 2+ years and they look great. The only thing is you rarely ever see the pipefish because it's always hiding in the rockwork.
haha, no he has never had any for sale, he got 2 a few years ago and put them in his display. One disappeared but the other, you only see on very rare occasions
My LFS used to have a pair in their display, and the two of them were out and about all the time. They stayed near the bottom though.
Biff did you ever get the pipes?

The yellow banded will generally swim mid to top of the tank, if you have a lot of flow they may end up in your overflow.