I am a girl
I tried to order a cleaner crew from them two weeks ago. They won't let you pay online, so you are supposed to place the order and then someone will call you back and get your payment information over the phone.

Someone called me back the next day, but I was in class, so I wasn't able to answer. Since then, I have left them about five voicemails (no one ever picks up the phone in the first place), and sent them several emails, but no one has called me back to get my payment information from me. Today I finally sent them a last email saying that if I did not hear from them by Wednesday, to cancel my order and I will just buy it from somewhere else.

So, if you are thinking of buying things from Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation Home Page, think twice, it seems like they don't need my business (and I wanted to order a $500 cleaner crew for my 240!!), they probably won't give a crap about yours either.
I called them before and got through. He seemed like a very nice guy. Mybe he's busy; I think his wife is real sick.
Yeah he may be busy, but you can't run a business where you require payment by phone and you just don't call people back to get that payment for more than two weeks. I don't care how sick his wife is, I got freaking cyano up the wazoo!!!
biff they live a few miles away from me. in another thread i posted about them . word is the wife is really the brains of the whole operation..... except her brains are not working too well at this point. from what i hear she is really sick and its brain related.sadly ol leroy is from what i hear having a hard time running the business and also running the tanks.
Sounds like fun. *yawn* I'm J/K. It just kinda sucks that you are getting everything going and I'm still stuck with an empty 125 sitting in the wall. :( Oh well. :D
that's cool. glad to hear he came through for you. I almost worked for him for a few hours a week when I was in jr high because my school was only a couple blocks away, but never did. sometimes old people move slow I guess.