mark r ramsey

Reefing newb
If you are thinking about buying some corals or fish from Salty Underground, DON'T!!
I ordered 3 sps corals and they were all dead in the morning. I have sps corals in my tank, so it wasn't my tank.

I did everything I always do with new coral, sps or not. I emailed them about the corals massively spewing slime.
They returned with a message, "that's normal" I mailed back, not like this!! I got up the next day and all were dead. Two were totally bleached out and the other was totally bleached within 2 hours.

I emailed them and NOTHING!!! No answer, Silence and to this day NOTHING!!!! I just wanted to let you know in case you are looking at their sales like I did, No wonder they were on sale!!