Where to find parts for my current USA outer orbit light?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy parts for my current USA outer orbit light. I've had it for over 3 years now, and it needs some maintenance. The " on off rocker switch" for my halides broke in the off position:frustrat:... I took my light to my lfs hoping they could help me. They were useless and refered me to the current USA website. Looked on their websites and they don't sell direct. Sent an email to see if they would do an exceptions and sell direct...they said no and refered me to 3 websites( none of them ships to Canada, which I was specific about in my e-mail tocurrent USA). Worst case scenario, I can ask my horse's trainer in Florida if I can ship my parts there, and he can mail it to me here in Canada. I'd like to replace the ballast for the t5 as it flickers sometimes and will randomly turn off( current USA said this should fix it), change the 2 glass on the halides as my glass are all blurry looking now and I cant clean it out, I need the rocker switch asap as I have no halides now, and I'll change the led moonlights panel since some are burned.. I just can't find a website that will sell all of the parts I need... So far, I looked at :
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anyone knows of any other websites where to get parts for my light...?