75g system for sale in SE Michigan; Stand, tank, lights, everything for $400....


Reefing newb
I have had my system for about three years and have been completely frustrated by an algae problem for about a year now. I've tried everything, have spent a lot of money and time, and I am no longer enjoying the hobby. On top of that, my responsibilities at work continue to grow and the maintenance time is taking up a larger and larger fraction of my free time. With that in mind, I am ready to sell my system at a very low price just so that it can be gone.

Other than a green-hair algae problem, there are no issues with the system. It includes
75g tank
2x Maxspect razor lights
Auto top-off
RODI system
Live rock & sand
Along with that, a variety of supplies and pieces that I will not have a need for anymore.

The lights alone cost $400 each, and I would be glad to sell the system to the first person that can show up with $400 and take everything away in an afternoon/evening.

If you're interested, get in touch with me by responding to this message or contact me directly.

As soon as I have cash in hand, I will take down the add, so if the add is still up, the system is still available.
It is reef ready.
Attached is a picture of what she looked like before the green algae moved in.


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If you were willing to break it up and ship (I pay) I would be interested in the lights.