Upgrading to 90 where my 60 currently sits.


Reefing newb
Hey all, so here's my issue . hopefully some of you may have had similar experiences and could off some advice. I currently have a 60 gallon cube located in my downstairs rec room between two closests


I want to utilize the space between the closest more so my plan is to build a wall unit so to speak that fits perfectly in there . Heres where I'm at on the stand so far ..

Anyways.. me issue I'm concerned with is wanted to put the new stand and tank and lights ,sump equipment etc.. where my existing tank is sitting . My real question is if I use all my water/sand/current live rock (plus about 30 pounds of base rock) will my tank go through a cycle process again ? I want to basically make the switch over in one night , I have to tear one down just to make room for the upgrade. I currently have 6 smaller fish in my tank ,im hoping with my current liverock and sand and water that I won't create a mini cycle . Any thoughts or ideas I would love to hear . Sorry if my thoughts are scattered all over lol but I've been mulling over this for awhile .
i have upgraded 3 or 4 times over the yrs.
started with a forty, currently on a 265

if you are careful about the move and swish everything around before you move it, have your new water ready,
and give your sand a good rinse in the old water before you put it in the new tank, it shouldn't be to bad.
dont change your water filtration sponges, etc for a couple days and that will help the cycle speed up too.
you are basically adding 70-80 gal of new water, plus you have to build up new bacteria on the glass. but you will probably be fine. expect the water to stay cloudy for 3 or 4 days then clear up. your fish should be fine. change the charcoal though just in case you have an ammonia pitch. the cloudyness is caused by the silt/dust from your sand.
thats why you want to try to clean it a bit. you will most likely find you want more sand in the new tank anyways. was it well and mix it in a bit with the old when you put the sand in. its almost impossible not to get a small mini cycle but it shouldn't be too bad. only a couple days
Any move will cause a cycle. The more the rocks are changed, put in the air, etc, the more cycle. But you probably already did it :)