What Type of Wrasse?

Omega can no longer type..lost all his fingers trying to get the wrasse outta' the tank.


Holy crap! What kind of wrasse is that!!
I bought 15 more hermits and two emeralds yesterday and he immediately went after one of the emeralds.

I ordered the sedative yesterday and will be going that route. I can't take the rocks out because I cemented them together and against the egg-crate base under all the live-sand. Hopefully the hermits will keep him busy and protect the other fish.

You feed BLT hermits and emeralds three times a day???!!! Doesn't that get expensive?
So when are we going National Geographic on this fish? I'm ready to see the harpooning...You know you should record when you put the sedative in the tank. I've never seen it before...it would be interesting to see how it works.